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I’ve had the privilege of shooting some truly fun things and great moments if peoples lives. Here’s a few: 

Jesus Morales - Baptism

Aundre Oller - Baptism

Christmas at FCC 


Our week to week at fccphx

"Tell me what you had for breakfast."

I’ve been doing video production for 4 months now. During every sound check I ask the ‘interviewee’ (such a fun word) to “tell me what (they) had for breakfast”. 

Listening back to the 30+ sound checks, hearing peoples reactions to such an unexpected question, has led me to this observation. 

When someone cares about what you ate for breakfast, if you share that fact with them honestly, you’re letting them into a small portion of your world few people see. It’s the first choice many of us make in a day. 

The first thing we consume. 

The first thing we have to process. 

The first thing that stays with us all day. 

It shapes our day whether we want it to or not. 

As I sit here, having only my standard from Dutch Bros. for breakfast.  I feel the need to be honest. 

"Just a cup of coffee." I would answer if I was interviewing myself. 

I’m not proud of it. 

It’s going to make me tired in about 10 minutes. 

But its what I had. 

Nothing more. Nothing less. 

That’s the kind of vulnerability I’ve been able to capture (Albeit, more vulnerable than your choice of eggs or oatmeal). An honest answer to a simple question that breaks the ice and lets people feel free enough to stare at the lens and tell me who they are and why they’ve chosen to follow Jesus. 



Think before speaking. 

Listen before singing. 

Hope the best for everyone. 

Have Integrity. 

Don’t judge others. 

FightClub ChoirBoys

As it in life, may it be on the internet.

I have a backpack. I bring it everywhere. It’s my “security blanket” meaning I can’t go many places without feeling secure without it. It’s been with me through something like 15,000 miles of travel over the past 3 years. In my bag are my moleskines. These notebooks have been there for inspiration, reflection and scrap. 

I also have online notebooks. Now after many years of avoiding my online notebooks I’m embracing them. 

Here’s where I need suggestions. I can’t figure out how to categorize things that are all in the same platform. Things like: a mojito recipe, a video tutorial on pedalboards, a journal note about my Dad and a 5 year financial plan. 

Should i separate them, or leave them all in the same book like I have in my backpack?